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We sincerely thank everyone who came out to support the Edgewater democratic team with your vote! We will continue to work hard to make Edgewater the best place to live and visit.


L to R: Michael McPartland, Duane Fischetti, Dolores Lawlor, Anthony Bartolomeo

L to R: Michael McPartland, Duane Fischetti, Dolores Lawlor, Anthony Bartolomeo

A letter from the Mayor and Council

Dear Edgewater Residents,

The Edgewater Mayor and Council have worked hard in 2015 to make swift improvements for the residents of the Borough. Under Mayor McPartland’s new administration, many things have changed for the better.

In January, the Mayor and Council appointed Dolores Lawlor to the team. A longtime Edgewater resident, Dolores brings years of experience in Borough affairs to the Council.

This August, the Mayor and Council appointed Duane Fischetti, filling a void left by the resignation of David Jordan. Dave was an asset to the Borough, but due to health reasons, offered his resignation. Duane Fishetti, a longtime resident and retired Secretary of the Registrar of the Edgewater School System, brings a familiar face and an enormous boost to an already strong Council.

In addition, the Council also hired a new legal team, Mariniello and Mariniello, to help guide the administration through the legal issues facing the Borough. The Mayor and Council also hired a new engineering firm, CME. Their experience in design and expertise in providing municipalities with engineering solutions has been outstanding.

In the first six months, this administration has finished Phase I of the Veteran’s Field project. A brand new Little League field was introduced in early June. Little League returned to the Borough, and the field was also utilized by recreation staff for the Summer Camp Program throughout the season.

We continue to work hard toward our goal of completion of Veteran’s Field by summer 2016. The administration, in cooperation with the Recreation Advisory Committee, has approved the final design of the Veteran’s Field project. With the help of its new engineering firm, CME, the Mayor and Council approved a stunning new design which has met with overwhelming support at a recent special meeting of the Mayor and Council. In fact, it was the largest attended Council meeting of the year, with residents all in favor of the new design. There was not one dissention in packed audience. The design layout may be viewed in the 2nd floor lobby of Borough Hall.

Under the leadership of Tony Bartolomeo, Council President, we initiated a series of roundtable discussions with Edgewater Condo Association Presidents in an effort to improve transparency and discuss issues of joint concern.

In early summer, a new dog run was completed near the Hudson Riverfront Walkway, across from the old Borough Hall. This project was well received by everyone – especially man’s best friend.

With the hard work of Borough staff, a new website,, was launched in July. The state-of-the-art state destination is extremely user-friendly and offers helpful Borough information.

We are currently working to retrofit Old Borough Hall for our volunteer ambulance squad and first aid personnel.

We each are personally invested in our community and look forward to continuing our progress in the years to come.


Michael McPartland

Anthony Bartolomeo

Dolores Lawlor

Duane Fischetti


Mayor Michael J. McPartland

Mayor MichMcPartlandHeadshotael J. McPartland, who has never held elective office but has been active in public affairs for much of his adult life in Edgewater, was sworn into office January 2, 2015.

Public service runs in the McPartland family. His father Michael Joseph McPartland served for over 30 years on the police force, retiring as a lieutenant detective. His mother Theresa served as Edgewater Borough Clerk for 10 years. Mayor McPartland was born in Edgewater and has stated, “I have no intentions of ever leaving Edgewater.”

Only a few weeks after taking office, tragedy struck the luxury complex of the Avalon with many people losing their homes and all their belongings. Because of the strong leadership and organizational skills of Mayor Michael McPartland, there were no lives lost in the devastating inferno that permanently displaced 450 families.

Mayor McPartland has a career on Wall Street, employed for many years as a “floor trader” dealing in oil options for Citigroup’s Global Markets. He has acquired such respect in the financial world that he is a continuing special guest on the Fox Business cable show “Countdown to the Closing Bell” with Liz Claman. Viewers may catch him on the show Wednesdays from 3 to 4 p.m. You can search the Fox Business website, to view some of the Mayor’s past appearances.

As a youth, the Mayor excelled in several sports, especially wrestling, for which he received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. “The discipline in sports has helped me in life,” he says. He likes to recall the advice his father gave him years ago, “Always finish the game!”

Mayor McPartland is the founder of the Edgewater Wrestling Association, a non-profit community organization that provides local youth with athletic and wrestling training for high school. He served as head coach of the program for over seven years. At its peak, the Association was sending more than 20 children a year to summer camp at the US Military Academy at West Point.

Mayor McPartland, his wife Kelly and daughters Paige and Jamie reside in Edgewater.



Anthony Bartolomeo

Anthony Bartolomeo has been a resident and homeowner in Edgewater for over 21 years.

As the Council President, Tony has been instrumental in promoting a high quality of life, supported by small business commerce in Edgewater. He worked, through mediation sessions and weekly project meetings, to get the Veteran’s Field project back on track and was instrumental in directing the completion of the Little League Field and the re-opening of the basketball courts and the children’s play area by the Recreation Center on Memorial Day. He initiated a series of roundtable discussions with local condo board presidents to solicit additional input on ideas for keeping the quality of life high in Edgewater.

When the Avalon fire struck, Tony was at the site within minutes and throughout the Avalon crisis was at the Recreation Center daily helping to spearhead governmental agency and volunteer efforts. Tony is a strong proponent of traffic safety along River Road.

Tony serves as an active member of the Edgewater Council thru 2015 and is liaison to the Edgewater Planning Board. Tony is the Council Liaison to the Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Corps. He supports smart development and small business commerce in an effort to keep property taxes low and increase property values. Edgewater continues to boast the fifth lowest property tax rate in Bergen County.

Professionally, Tony is NY Metro Area Sales Manager for a specialty meat company where he has been employed for twenty-two years. He and his wife Barbara have been married for 16 years. Barbara is a member of the Edgewater Board of Education.

The Bartolomeos have two daughters: Natasha, who holds a B.A. from St. Peter’s College and Michaela, a student at Leonia Middle School.



Dolores Lawlor

Dolores Lawlor, a life long resident of Edgewater for 77 years, has a daughter Kathleen D’Errico. She is a retired nurse from Palisades Medical Center after 18 years of service. In addition, she also worked at Holy Name Hospital for many years and now serves as a nurse on a per diem basis at a nursing home.

Mrs. Lawlor is a Member of the Edgewater Housing Authority and former member of the Edgewater Colony residential complex. Councilwoman Lawlor is a the Liaison to the Building Department and Tax Office. Both her husband Laurence and son Laurence Jr. are deceased.


Duane FischettiFischettiHeadshot

Duane Fischetti is a longtime Edgewater resident who worked as a secretary in the Edgewater School District for over 20 years. Councilwoman Fischetti volunteered her time in order to remain a part of the community she fell in love with 23 years ago, when she moved from Paramus to Edgewater with her husband and two children.

In the school district, Mrs. Fischetti first worked as a bookkeeper in the Board Office, then as secretary/registration officer in the Main Office. Duane was named a recipient of the Civic Recognition Award and is among a select number of individuals recognized in Edgewater.

Until she retired in 2012, she looked out for the students of Edgewater at the Eleanor Van Gelder and George Washington schools. She hopes to continue to work on behalf of children as a member of the council.

Mrs. Fischetti likes the feeling when you know everyone, walk through town and people say ‘hello’ and you care about them and they care about you. She believes Edgewater has always been a neighborhood where people look out for each other.

Councilwoman Fischetti, a native of New York City, has been a resident of the borough for 23 years.

Councilwoman Fischetti will stand for election in November 2015.


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